Advertising and Promotion

Visitor Promotion Campaign:

  • Comprehensive and informative website

  • Collaborations with trade bodies and associations

  • Comprehensive and informative show directory

  • Banner and brochure

  • E-newsletter

  • Billboard

  • Radio Spot Advertising

  • TV Spot Advertising

  • LED Screen Advertising

  • Extensive advertising campaigns in major trade publications, media& newspaper and Internet listing

  • Extensive e-mail and fax campaign

  • Invitation to VIP buyers

  • Targeted direct marketing to our extensive database of Asia trade professionals and trade buyers

International Road Shows:

Acting as a prelude to the show every year, a series of roadshows is held all over Southeast Asia such as Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia, Myanmar and Taiwan in an attempt to engage regional LED lighting sectors and promote energy efficiency & investment opportunities in those respective countries. The LED forums bring together a large number of esteemed LED professionals from private and government authorities on a common platform to discuss ways to take the LED industry way ahead of its current position through advancements in technology, man power and innovation.